Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Something different???

What do you think??
I've had a little play with the blog this evening, though I could have been doing a million other more important things, but hey! I wanted to chill a little. Not sure if I like it, I'll give it a few weeks and then decide.

I've done a weeny bit of stitching, nothing to show off, but hopfully while I'm away this weekend I'll do some real sewing and have some show and tell for you next week. I'm off to the mountains, well mountains in my books, with my friends Gail and Sue. It should be a wonderful weekend, I'm hoping it will snow, I love the freezing cold weather, you can rug up and it's sooo lovely to go for a walk in, then come in from the cold and have a nice hot drink while your nose and ears thaw out!!! ;-D
I know a I'm mad!!!
Whatever you'll be doing this week and over the weekend......Enjoy!!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

New Toy........

This is our old GIZMO, he has been a reliable friend for the last 18 years.
He's done lots of kilometers, taken us to many and varied places, watched the kids grow up and even done a few driving lessons. But sadly he has had to go. Too many things to fix now,
he has a terrible cough, he smokes too much, has a terrible rumbling in the tummy area, I think his get up and go, got up and went!!

So, i'd now like to introduce you to the new GIZMO.
Yep, a new toy...........zip zip!! Yep he's zippy!!
Hope he lasts as long as the other fellow.

I'm still trying to get some sewing done, but that's not happening.

So, till next time, enjoy whatever you are doing