Monday, 19 July 2010

Still going.....

Things have slowed down a bit here, it's now the small things that are keeping us busy. Painting doors, finishing off walls, fitting things out, etc. We still have a few big things to do, redo the floors in the exisiting(they are really bad), railing on the decking......But, It will be done and it will be FANTASTIC!! I just have to be patient!!

Below is a photo of the house 2 winters ago, yesterday I thought I'd go out and take another from the same spot. I love my new roof!!!

Justin has sort of moved into his room,

Laura too,

DH (Theo) doesn't like the colour of the loo, I thought I'd get adventurous!!!

The front garden has been trimmed back, so it really looks bare, but on closer inspection I've noticed that the bulbs are starting to push through, which means spring is just around the corner.  No rush though, I'm really enjoying the winter weather.


Hopefully this coming weekend I'll get a little sewing done. I'm running away with some friends for a patchwork/stitching retreat,....... yes, that means sewing ALL weekend!!! Something I haven't done for months.

Whatever you do this week, Enjoy!!