Sunday, 27 January 2013

Late "R" Scatterdays

I know its late, but I really wanted to do this R Scatterdays. I had it all planned out before I went on
 holidays, but I couldn't get it to upload. So here it is, hope you enjoy it.
The letter is "R" and the list, a mammal, technology, transport and something Red from the quilting/sewing room (the last one will always be quilt/patchwork related)

Ramona, yep me, I'm a mammal! ;-)

The Red Rover. This is my dad with his 1947 Rover. He purchased a Rover like this when he arrived in Australia in 1965, it was bottle green, then for various reasons in1974 he sold it . Then in the late '90's as  retirement was fast approaching he decided that he needed something to keep him little occupied and decided to find himself a Rover to 'do up'. Well, to cut a long story short he found a Red Rover that was already 'done up', he fell in love it, he ummmed and ahhed for a few weeks, went and another look at it, and on closer inspection (under the hood) discovered it was "his" Rover, well that was that, he had to have it!!
Mum says it's the "other" woman!!

 The Radio and Remote

 My Red sewing tin.

See you next Scatterday

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Friday's Fences

I'm just a tad late, got home from holidays yeasterday and spent the rest of the day doing washing, unpacking, all that unfun stuff.

Found this little treasure on one of my morning walks last week.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

This is my favorite spot every year! When we pop over the hill and I see this view, I know I'm on holidays. Pity it wasn't sunny, but the feeling was the same  ;-)

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

This is why you should always take a camera or phone or something that takes a photo with you when you go out

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday Fences

This was was a wonderful find.
There was another fellow on the other side, but the lighting was shocking for a photo.

Holidays coming up, so hope to FF when I'm away ( I have a new toy ;-)

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Sunday, 6 January 2013


Venturing into something new this year, I hope to be able to keep up. Its called Scatterdays.
Scatterdays is a bit like categories.  Each Saturday a letter and four different categories is listed.  Scatterdayers have a week to find one thing for each category, take a photo and upload it to their blog. You can then go and check out what others Scatterdayers have done. Then it all starts again with a different letter and 4 different lists.
The letter is "W" the list, expensive, musical, exciting and a WIP (as this meme is through a quilters list,  the last one will always be quilt/patchwork related)
So for my very first Scatterday

Wedgewood cup and saucer set is expensive.

One of my favorite R & R music

Weekend coming up is exciting, holidays start

WIP, my Butterfly Garden. I need to get it basted. It's on my 2013 to do list!!

Lets see how I go with the next round

Happy New Year and Friday's Fences

Happy New Year to you all, may 2013 be filled with much health, happiness, magic filled moments, dreams, creative moments, and most all love and special moments with those who love you.
Christmas came and went in a blur, I had so many things happening I could barley keep up. There were one or two things that got missed, but I just had to let them go. Then the last minute arrived and I was ready, just,......phew. ( I'm just letting you know Leanne, the last minute is really getting a workout with me, you should have never told me aobut it!!) I must really try and be more organised.
I did manage to finish a few projects some that should have been finished mid year......more on those in a later blog (holidays aren't too far away!!)

Friday Fences starts again, I have to say it's a meme I am thoroughly enjoying.
One of the neighbours down the road has been doing some work on their house, and they have decided to add a fence. Just before Christma s the fence frame and entrance went up. I took a photo last week and now I am waiting patiently to see what they add.

( My apologies, I am very late with FF, blogger is not playing nice and I have not been able to upload my photos. Grrrr)

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