Thursday, 27 March 2014


Fences are back, they are now known as "GOOD FENCES", and we now have a new hostess too, Thanks Theresa aka TexWiseGirl over at The Run*A*Round Ranch, its a meme I just love and have really missed, so I'm really pleased that it continues. 
I have to say a BIG Thank you to Jan who used to be our wonderful hostess, she has a few life things to deal with, but will still be a bloggin'.

He's my Good Fence to start off the new round.
This is Canal Rocks, in Western Australia, we were there last November. Rugged, but very very beautiful. (I still have to do a post about that trip!!) 

Linking with Good Fences
(Have a wander over there to see some other amazing fences and/or gates)

Till next time

Love Life's Little Things