Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Yes we have progressed, the new roof is just about finished, we redid the whole roof and it looks fabulous. DH just needs to finish the painting up there, (when the weather is a bit finer). We have the new deck too. Just have to decide on the railing now.

 Here is Michael (BIL), he did some of the plastering for us.

This is the new family room. The opening at the far end will open to what will be the walk through study when its finished.This will be the connecting room between new and old, currently its Justin's bedroom. The rooms on the left are Justin's room and the laundry which goes into the loo. On the right is my sewing room and Laura's room. I'll put up a floor plan of the old and new.

DH sanding and undercoating the plaster

Adding colour.....Laura has chosen a purple feature wall and very very light mauve walls. I'll be sponging the wall tonight.

Justin on the other hand has gone for a very vibrant and loud ORANGE. Not quite what I would have chosen but........
He'll be very bright and cheery every morning!!!

Below the old laundry which was off the kitchen. It was very narrow and small, it was just an add on. It was referred to as a hutch!!
The loo used to be off that too. Now the laundry has also been demolished.

Tomorrow the carpet is going in so that's exciting, then we move into the next phase, breaking into the dining room and doing the kids bathroom.

Whatever you will be doing,

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I forgot to tell you what it was

I put this little thing up in my last post and told you I'd tell you what it was.
You all probably knew what they were any way.
They're Toadstools. They grow in circles where my parents live.
I've also been told it IS where the fairies live.

The house is moving along nicely, things came to a little standstill for a couple of weeks, but are now moving along again. Will do an update for you later.

Till next time,
Enjoy whatever you are doing