Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I forgot to tell you what it was

I put this little thing up in my last post and told you I'd tell you what it was.
You all probably knew what they were any way.
They're Toadstools. They grow in circles where my parents live.
I've also been told it IS where the fairies live.

The house is moving along nicely, things came to a little standstill for a couple of weeks, but are now moving along again. Will do an update for you later.

Till next time,
Enjoy whatever you are doing


bombom said...

Oh, such a cute toady there, we have heaps, but none of this variety.
Love Bron.

Anonymous said...

Wow how cute love the pictures

Lenora said...

How naive of me, I thought those cute little toadstools only grew overseas, I had no idea they grew here in Vic.
Wish they grew at my place, with their fairies too!