Thursday, 28 January 2010

Holidays are over..........

The holiday is over, and we had the most wonderful time. We've been home for a couple of days now, the washing is done, most things are put away, but I have beautiful memories.
The weather was not on its best behavior for us this year, but we still had a ball.
We've been going to the same spot for 14 years now, its our little piece of paradise, sadly
our 'neighbours' of as many years are opting out next year, and it won't be quite
the same (won't you reconsider, pleeeease :-(   ).
We have lots of fun, did lots of reading, sewing, walks along the beach, played games in the evenings,
went to a couple of markets,  The best thing is we don't take a TV, so we  have plenty of family time.
I frittered away many hours on the beach some evenings, there were some absolutely divine sunsets.
I took heaps of photos, but I'll just put up few.

This is the view that for the last 14 years I can't get enough of, it just hold my breath as we drive up over the hill and then ............... that first glimpse of the beach/ocean that tells me, it's holidays. BLISS, no matter what, for the for the next 2 weeks!

a few km's further along at Kilcunda, this. When the weather is moody you should see the waves through here!!

       Steven, one of our friends with our daily visitor, a blue tongued lizard.(I wouldn't be picking it up!!)

This is what makes Barney (another camping neighbour) happy, he goes fishing!!!

aaaah bliss!! It was a beautiful evening.

Little gifts scattered along the beach for us to admire,
maybe be inspired??

The end of the first week brought us a couple of cold, wet windy days.
We went out for dinner to the local pub, and this is the view I had right in the middle of dinner!!
Even on the worst day there was something beautiful.
Hubby tells me that there is definitley the pot of gold at the of the rainbow, this photo prooves it!!! lol

These next photos are taken just a few minutes apart, but the change is just breath taking.
(The shadows belong to Millie, Eoin & Laura)

the evening before we left

Simply beautiful ......

this taken directly over our campsite, quite scary don't you think??

I'll leave it at that for now.  I hope you've enjyed them. I have a few more to share with you, but I'll leave those for another day.

Whatever you do in the meantime, Enjoy it, Love it, Live it.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Holiday Time......soon

Its that time of the year............HOLIDAYS, Well half at least. I'm on holidays form my supermarket job at the moment, and as of the end of the week from the Post Office too. Then its off to the beach for a little R & R. I've tried really hard to catch up on some sewing - mainly Butterfly Garden, but I can't get motivated. Justin is working on some jigsaw puzzles and I can't help myself, I have to join him. It's a 2000 piece and I just have to have a little dabble. Even DH can't keep away.

and as I had a stroll around the garden this morning, look what I found, a ??Tiger Lily. I'm not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination, but I do so enjoy a stroll around it.

That's it for me for a week or so. Hopefully I'll have lots of photos for you when I get back.

Whatever you do in the meantime, Enjoy it, Love it, Live it.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy 2010 to everyone.
I wish everyone, all that's wonderful, happy, healthy and peaceful.

2009 went out a little bit damp, we had a lovely evening, spent it with wonderful company (Thanks Sandra & Graham and Happy 18th to Millly!! we did that too) and we welcomed in 2010 with some lovely well needed rain. Hopefully its a sign of things to come and we won't have a repeat of last summer. I personally like the cooler weather, it keeps everything fresh included :-D

I've started the year with a little sewing, but I know its not going to last long as there will be a big project happening this year. We're going to extend!! Yep! BIG project!! And I'm going to get a little sewing room just for me too. The kids a new bedroom each, a new family room and a new laundry. I'll do some photos soon before it all starts some time in March/April. I'm going to hold on to the wise words my friend Glenice
said when I mentioned what we were planning in an email.
"Extensions are fun, exasperating, fun, drag on forever, fun, messy, fun and you will be so glad when it is done." I'm going to focus on the word 'fun'.

That's it from me today,
Hope whatever you are doing today is lovely.