Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy 2010 to everyone.
I wish everyone, all that's wonderful, happy, healthy and peaceful.

2009 went out a little bit damp, we had a lovely evening, spent it with wonderful company (Thanks Sandra & Graham and Happy 18th to Millly!! we did that too) and we welcomed in 2010 with some lovely well needed rain. Hopefully its a sign of things to come and we won't have a repeat of last summer. I personally like the cooler weather, it keeps everything fresh included :-D

I've started the year with a little sewing, but I know its not going to last long as there will be a big project happening this year. We're going to extend!! Yep! BIG project!! And I'm going to get a little sewing room just for me too. The kids a new bedroom each, a new family room and a new laundry. I'll do some photos soon before it all starts some time in March/April. I'm going to hold on to the wise words my friend Glenice
said when I mentioned what we were planning in an email.
"Extensions are fun, exasperating, fun, drag on forever, fun, messy, fun and you will be so glad when it is done." I'm going to focus on the word 'fun'.

That's it from me today,
Hope whatever you are doing today is lovely.


Lynda said...

Very exciting for you Ramona......I agree with Glenice. Keep your eyes on the prize, what happens in between is transitory. LOL! Yay for sewing rooms.....and the other rooms too. LOL

Lissa Jane said...

Oh renovating is tonnes of fun...we have renovated every #_)$(*@(*&%$ room in this house except the laundry.. the laundry *sigh* its a pig pen...I like to think of renovating like the pantene adv. 'It wont happen overnight, but it will happen'... I had the hairdresser here yesterday and she asked me something about my kitchen I said its 15 years old and probably needs a tart up.. she couldn't beleive how old it was and in good nick.. I figure I waited for 10 years for that sucker to be finished, of course I am going to look after it! LOL