Friday, 26 October 2012

Fun Friday Fences

This fun fence is next door to where I went last weekend.

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Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday (washing) Fences

A few weeks ago we were up at Lockwood and this fence totally caught my eye.
Who needs a washing line, this works a treat!!

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On Tuesday we had to farewell our loyal family companion Oskar 'Oski' .
 Mum and Dad have a small farm so he had a great and happy life.
Aged 17, not a bad innings for a German Shepard x kelpie.

Have a beautiful weekend whatever you are doing,
I'm off to Phillip Island for a girls weekend. Hopefully I'll get some much needed sewing done.
I'll have my camera in my pocket, you never know what fences I'll find on my walk.

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Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday Fences

My friend Janis was desparate for a new fence,.......

She finally got one.........Isn't it lovely.

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Friday, 5 October 2012

Thankyou Friday Fences

Stating the obvious........

BUT at the beginning of the year it was a different story,  this fence was in the middle of all the floods.

Thank you to Jan  for starting Fridays Fences, today is FF 1st Anniversary and I'm so, so glad I joined in this wonderful meme. I've really enjoyed visiting all the places and I feel like I've made a whole lot of new friends. Thank you to all of you. For me, not only was it the fun of  looking for and photographing fences, it has been a huge help personally, it brought a little fun into the new challenge i had ahead of me. One year ago today I had to start a newish life, I was diagnosed with diabetes, so a few changes in my daily habits had to be made. Diet had to change a little(a lot), and exercise was introduced!! Today also marked 365 days straight of walking, WOW!! I am really proud of myself, I never thought I could ever accomplish anything like that. I have to thank my friends Sandra and Hermione, without them I would have lost my my way long ago. My phone or camera went with me everyday, just in case there is a new fence or something interesting along my daily walk.
I've also lost some kilos too, bonus!! which has also been great.

Me 2010

Me today

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