Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Finally a little bit of sewing

Last Friday my beautiful niece turned 5 or was it 25?? .
She is an avid little cook, loves to help her mum,
her grandma's and aunty(me) in whatever we are doing, especially the kitchen.
My sister said she was going to buy her a heap of cooking things - real stuff, not toys,
so I decided to make her an apron. This is Julia with her absolutely gorgeous apron.

It's fully reversible and has a pocket on both sides! I had heaps of fun making it.
I have also finished the Mystery quilt that I am going to workshop in October at Foothills, its at the quilters at the moment so it will be finished in time.
It will be school holidays here next week, DD Laura is in her final year, so exams are just around the corner.
So a bit of a stressful time coming up. I have taken a few days off work so I might get a little bit something new done, I'm really feeling deprived on the creative side of life.

Till next time, Enjoy whatever you are doing