Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Its over again

Well Christmas has once again been and gone!! How fast was that. All the hype, running around like loonies, the preparing and everything else that sent us mad.............But it was fun wasn't it. I wouldn't have it anyother way.
We have all the Christmas festivities at Mum and Dad's. It starts on Christmas Eve, my brother and his wife who live overseas (currently in Sri Lanka) were here too. Though this year my sister and her family were at her inlaws as they too celebrate on Christmas Eve. We have a special dinner, I would say this tends more to the Swiss side. A fondue with special sauces, dried fruits and nuts, a salad and a few other yummy bits and pieces, not to mention lots of Bubbly. We then open our pressies and towards the end of it all, usually midnight-ish we try to fit in a coffee and some of those yummy cookies.

 Christmas Day we have a simpler day, Rose (my sis) her DH and the kids mid morning  and we do the rest of the Pressies with them. We then have a much simpler lunch, this tends to lean more towards the Spanish(mum) side. Starters is Huevos Rellenos (translation- filled eggs, a tomato, tuna and boiled egg filling). Main is some Spanish ham (Jamon) and smoked ham, spanish chorizo (the cured variety), spanish tortilla and a salad. Then coffee served with some Turron(Spanish nougart) and of course the cookies. (I'll get some food photos next year!!)
The rest of the day is usually spent playing cricket playing with the kids or just plain out doing nothing.

Then on Boxing Day we do it all again!!. This year there were 24 of us, as we don't have any 'real' extended family here, we do have some friends that are close it. We have been celebrating Boxing day with them for as long as I can remember. And on this day we do the Turkey!! Mum makes the bestest Turkey and filling in the world...........well we think so!! My brother is in charge of basting while the rest of us prepare all the other yummy things.  Then the everyone relaxes, watching or playing cricket or both, or just relaxing with a glass of bubbly.

So that is Christmas with me, 3 days of festivities, family and food and I love it. I hope  yours was special too.

Now I'm one holidays from one job, that gives me a little sewing time, which I
am off to do now. Might do a little project first and then I may work on my Butterfly Garden quilt for a bit.

See you all in the New Year.
Have a wonderful New Years, stay safe, and above all Enjoy.


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