Sunday, 20 December 2009

Counting Down.....

Only a few more days to that wonderful day we know as Chistmas. Why do so many thngs need to be done BEFORE that day?? We have a whole year to do things, but no, it has to be done BEFORE Christmas.
No matter, I'm as guilty as the next person, but for some reason all this hype makes me Happy.
I work in 2 areas (a checkout chook at a supermarket & at a Post Office) and I can assure you they are both absolute mayhem at this time of the year.

My life at this time of the year is no different, I've been busy too. I managed to do 2 stitcheries for swaps,
this one for my Patchwork group CottonTales our theme this year was Santa's Helpers.
It's a Natalie Bird Design that I rearranged.

This one was for the swap at my local shop Foothills Fabric and Threads.
It's from a stamp I had, I don't know where it got to, but I blew it up ages ago with the intention of doing a stitchery one day!

We've managed to put up the Christmas Tree, decorations and lights,

and I mustn't forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas.
I bought this Manger when we were on our honeymoon in Europe 21 years ago.
My Grandma gave us some money as a wedding gift and I wanted to buy something special,
back then you couldn't find a decent manger scene here so that was what we bought.
I tuck it into the fire place with some lights put some real straw around it, i'll get to that this week..... I hope.

As our family is very multicultural (Swiss dad, Spanish mum, Dutch my hubby's family, my sister is married to Polish/Czech, brother is married to Japanese) we try have a few different Chirtmas traditions. My family do Christmas Cookies as one our traditions. We spend an entire day baking a few weeks before, we turn on the Christmas carols to get right into the spirit of things, the kitchen starts to smells amazing and we have loads of fun.
Here is Rose, my sister with a load of  Totenbainli (Dead Men's Bones) dough.

Dad and Julia grinding up some nuts, and Hermi a close family friend who has been part of our family for years doing the Aniseed cookies

Mum and Rose shaping the Aniseed.

And after an entire day of baking this is the final result.
At the back left to right
Dead men's Bones(hazelnut and cinamon), Aniseed, Chocky(dark chocolate and almond),
Mailanderli(lemon and butter cookie), front Cinamon stars(Almond and cinamon), Coconuts(Coconut and almond)


Wishing you all a Happy, Blessed, Peacful and Memorable Christmas with those you love.


Lissa Jane said...

merry christmas to you and you very multicultural family!!! I am having christmas with my english father and then dinner with the scottish in law.... those cookies look delish!!!


Janis said...

Loving the photos, you are really in the Christmas spirit. Can I please please please have the recipe for the Dead Men's Bones!!