Sunday, 6 December 2009

I've been Busy

Yep, I've actually done a little sewing. Life has been busy as well, work takes up too much time, but it's something that must be done.
I'm a lot behind in blogging, and have things to show and tell you,
 I'll do it gradually over the next few weeks.

I must begin with my Mother-in-Law Helen. She turned 80 2 weeks ago. She's had an incredible life and to celebrate her 80th year the family got together to celebrate. I would just like to mention that Helen has 9 children, 20 Grand kids and so far 4 Great Grand kids!  It was a wonderful day.

It was also a chance for everyone to meet the lastest addition to the family, Paige. Paige is our great niece and lives in Queensland, so we won't see her very often. Here she is with Laura. Isn't she cute!

Here is a Mrs Perkins, I had a wonderful time making her for Paige.
She came out really wonderful.

Enjoy the rest of your day, whatever you may be doing.

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ozjane said...

Love Mrs Perkins....and what a good looking MIL at 80.