Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Finally! I can Show & Tell

It's been a while between posts, and I do apologise. Things are happening around here like you wouldn't believe. Remember my daughter who turned 18 a few months back, well she now has her licence....and a car....and is ending her school year. She starts final exams on Friday!!! WOW!!! As one of my lovely customers at work said, "when they are little, they are heavy in your arms, and when they grow up, they are heavy on your heart". Where did the last 18 years go!!???

We've also got some other things happening around here...........exciting house things, but I'll leave that for another time.

I do have quilty show and tell for you though.
I can finally let you in on what sewing I have managed to do.
I have had a mystery quilt planned for quite sometime and I finally got around to making it, putting it together, geting it quilted and and teaching the class.

Here is a tiny peek at what the girls saw before they started.

Here is the lovely Renee on left ( thanks for the dumpling recipe) and Yanneke (sp?) from Holland,

Willy,...... was she having trouble with her machine???

Nooooo............she was hiding!!! I can't wait to see her quilt, its Red and White, Willy is very much a blue girl like me, but, like me she too is venturing out of her comfort zone.

And here we have Michele (left) and Robyn.

We had a fantastic evening with Pizza, Bubbly and lots of chatting and laughs, Sandra from Foothills was a wonderful hostess check out Foothills blog with more photos, she even got to participate in the class which was great
(sorry all the photos of Sandra and more of the group are on her camera).
I can't wait to see the finished tops. Everyone's colours were totally different. I will try to contact the girls in a few weeks and see if anyone has it ready for me to take a photo to put up on the blog.

OH!! Here is the Quilt.
It's called Starwheel and its for my Dad.....'cos I think he's a star!! and he likes things that proportional. 

Till next time, enjoy whatever you are doing


Foothills Fabric and Threads said...

Yes is was a fantastic night, now I'm under pressure to upload the photos on my camera and do a blog!bfn

Lissa Jane said...

LOVE the quilt Ramona.. gorgeous (a bit like myself)... and I'd love to see the red one too!

the itinerant blogger

antique quilter said...

great quilt!
looks like you all had so much fun and that dessert looks yummy

Sheryl said...

Hi Ramona, just popped over from the Foothills blog to check out the mystery quilt.... WOW !! it looks gorgeous your Dad is so lucky.... I hope you post some pics of the other quilts, it sounds like you had a great night, did you finish late?

Sheryl said...

Oh Ramona btw the apron you made is so cute and your post about the capsicum was inspiring, I never thought to freeze the charred caps they are so delish it would be handy to have them ready to go....

Daisy Julz said...

Ramona, the quilt is gorgeous. Is there the possibility of a pattern? I have a friend turning 50 next year and i think this would be a fabulous design for yellow and black. He's a Tigers fan.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for a great night. I am trying my best to finish the quilt in red. Shall leave it at foothills when it is ready

ozjane said...

Clever chook. Not just a pretty face after all. Cooking and sewing and being a Mum and all that stuff.
Looks great.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Laura on her licence and good luck for exams..The mystery quilt looks fab Janis