Thursday, 5 March 2009

A bit of Relax time........

What a time we've had over the last couple of weeks.

We've had the fire's not too far, down the road to be precise.

We were evacuated on Monday last week and went down to my sisters house in the suburbs where there is lots of concrete. Thankfully the fire fighters and water bombers were all on hand and kept the fires away from homes.

The smell of smoke has gone through everything, but I've had a few good ideas from people to get rid of it.

All Last week we were on tender hooks, I have had all our important things in the boot of the car for nearly a month. Now I can unpack, the cool weather arrived on Tuesday night, oh!, what relief to hear the sound of rain.

We haven't had a lot, but enough to dampen things down a little, settle the dust and clean the air.

This is what we could see from our back verandah, I wasn't game to climb onto the roof just for a photo.

This is about 200 meters down the road, the day after, there is actually a house just to the left. All the hills you see in the background were burnt.

So now over the next few weeks I'm going try to get a few things done, not necessarily sewing,
but catching up on life.

Whatever you are doing today


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Bernadette said...

I can relate although it wasn't as close for us I can now take the customers quilts out of the car boot!