Thursday, 18 March 2010

We have progressed

Things are really starting to take shape.
Really feeling excited here now, its wonderful.Can I just say though, I never realized how physically demanding those first stages are. I watched a little before I went to work in the morning, the hole digger, by the time I left there were 56 holes in my back yard :-) That was the easy part!!

When I arrivede home they had just started putting in the concrete and stumps into the holes.
I watched a little and then went inside, feeling odd. The weather was warmer than expected, Our friend and builder Graham and my DH labourer worked like mad men to get those stumps in before the concrete set. 50 of them!!! When they were done I didn't know how to feel, excited, yes, because this project was really happening, but at the same time I was a bit emotional, because there were these two absolutely exhausted men, blistered hands, and I didn't know what to say. Talk about being wrecked.

Anyway, here are some progess photos.

This is Graham.....THE builder.

And the walls arrived today too (thanks for remembering to take a photo Laura)

DH Theo, the labourer.

Whatever you are doing, Enjoy. 


Lissa Jane said...

Ramona isn't renovating fun????
it will be worth it once its finished.. dags has been telling me this for 19 years and I am still hanging in there, we are almost done fixing up our shack!


Bernadette said...

Wow, glad it is you and not me!! Are you going to Bathurst?

Helen Yann said...

Looking good..........

Unknown said...

Ramona pic are fabulous. It looks absolutely huge but maybe it is the angle of the photos, no matter what the size it will be used!!

bombom said...

Hi Ramona, Great pics...and long time no see! When I looked at your earlier post, I remembered a GTG on your back porch which is no longer....I can't even remember when it was, a number of years I think. We are also extending our new home in Castlemaine, I wonder whose will be completed first, yours or mine?
Cheers, Bron McCoy.