Sunday, 5 December 2010

Exciting times

We have have had some exciting days here, the furniture has been moved back into the main rooms, and it's just wonderful. It feels fantastic to have this wonderful space. DH(Theo) & GtB(Graham the Builder) have just put so much 'everything' into it. I just love it!!!! I know there are still a few things that need to be done , but so much has been finished, I can't help but still be excited!  

New Family room

Renovated dining room

AND look at this...........its not much at the moment, but it's all mine!!!
My new sewing room.
I've put some essentials in, as I have things I want to sew up for Christmas.

We've had visitors from Queensland, our gorgeous niece Jenny, her DH Terry and their darling little daughter Paige, our great niece. They had the pleasure of being our first guests in our new and improved home.

Play with a peg is sooooo much fun

Open wide........

It was our 22nd wedding anniversary about a week ago, (I have been married 1/2 of my life!!!) and my gorgeous DH brought me this beautiful bunch of flowers. Aren't they just spectacular??

 Now the next round of activities, hype and fun begins, and I'm not even the tiniest bit organised. There are so many things I want do, but no where near enough time to do them all. I knew things were getting really serious, when the Advent calendar came out last week. I made it back in 1997 ( I think), when folk art was my hobby. The kids love it, and each each year it comes out, they bring it out. I can't believe that at 19 and 17 they still expect it to be filled. (It's these little things that make it special). I did mention to them something about  making a new different one, but they weren't impressed, so it stays! 

till next time
Whatever you are doing or will be doing
Enjoy it, Live it, Love it.

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