Saturday, 20 August 2011


Goodness, where did those two weeks just go???
I can tell you that the house renovations are pretty much done!! Yay!! Just a few touch ups and lots of sorting, sifting, giving away and throwing out!! That is more daunting than actually renovating and extending!!

Finally finished this quilt for my sister. It's called Hills and Mountains, I started it about 18 months ago and it was a bit of playing with 60* triangles. I'm really happy with the result.

This is the beginning of my next long term project.
The quilt is Life Is Beautiful by Helen Stubbings, it will be a quilt-as-go, you can see the full version on her blog here
First block stitched, 31 to go.

Off to the country in the morning to visit some family, bit of time away from  it all.

Till next time

Enjoy It, Live It, Love It,


Judy said...

Oh wow, I love it! Your sister is going to love it. I

Judy said...

I know you sent me an e-mail as to where you got the clips to hang your quilts with. I had seen one of your quilts hanging in a post way way back and I can't find that e-mail. Could you please, please, tell this forgetful lady what they are and where could I possibly find them :))))