Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cupcakes and Ponies

A few weeks ago I kindly offered to make cupcakes for my nieces 7th birthday this last weekend (my sister is without a kitchen at the moment due to renovations) thnking that would be an easy task, i was thinking along the lines of packet mix?? ummm not, my friend Sandra said I should make them from scratch, they were'nt hard, (at this point you're probably thinking what's the big deal, well, I don't do cakes/sweets very well at all, I love to cook food, not sweet) anyway..... She gave me her cupcake book, gave me some pointers,

and the results....

Chocolate cupcakes with purple butter cream icing and pretty sprinkles. 

Far from perfect, but they tasted yumm. I was quite chuffed!!

Julia the birthday girl with one of the ponies that came to visit (the party was at mum & dad's)
for her Pony Party Birthday.
There is one pony that they get to ride  

another one they get to pamper.

It was a fun afternoon.

Till next time whatever you do

Enjoy It, Live It, Love It


scg said...

Your Mum and Dad's place looks live a heavenly place to live! Love the idea of a pony party. My daughter lives out in the country in NZ, in horse country. I might suggest this for my grand-daughter's next birthday next year. And your cupcakes looked pretty good to me!
Thanks for sharing,

Nuestras meriendas y manualidades said...

Hola Ramona, gracias por su visita a nuestro blog.Los pastelitos tienen una pinta estupenda
Besos desde La Linea Mayte

Sandra's Scribbles said...

Wow those little cupcakes look great. What a lovely party.