Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Birthday Party

Oh what a busy couple of weeks I've had, lots of cooking and preparations for an up coming party.
 Laura turned 21 last week. And what a lead up to it.
We had a great time. Her birthday day was celebrated with family we went to the movies and had lunch, . dinner was at her grandparents, which Ita (Grandma) made. Then the following Saturday(last weekend) the Party. Her theme......SHOES. Wear whatever you like, favorites, most comfy, ugliest, fun, sporty, creative, whatever takes your fancy.

This was my effort, my favorite colour. I bought the blue shoes and added the blingy bits and ribbon. I was out for comfort!!
The Party Shoes
The Happy Memories Boots

The Let's Really Party Shoes

And I also decided to make her a quilt. Two days before Easter I got the idea!! As if I didn't have enough on my plate, but I really wanted to make her one. So, I gathered all the fabrics, packed my machine and everything I needed, and we headed to the beach with some friends (they have a holiday house) where I spent the Easter break making Laura her quilt. Am I'm so pleased I did. I didn't quite get it finished but this is what I managed to do.  

 I finished the rest of the top the Thursday night before the party. My plan was for all the guests to sign the front, her plan was different, she didn't want writing all over it, So, change of plan.........sign some fabric and put it in the backing.

I think I've finally recovered, it was a fabulous time.
As usual when there is a special occasion, Ivan, my brother and Ayumi my SIL come all the way from Sri :Lanka. It's so fantastic when they are here.

And I have to mention Fugi  (Marcus) he came all the way from Austria for the party.
I think he spent a whole 30 hours on Australian soil!!! Thanks Fugi, it was wonderful to catch up with you again

Till next time

Enjoy It, Live It, Love It 

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