Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday's Fences

First of all, Please , Please  excuse the quality of these photos(taken with my phone), but I was so happy with the shots that I had to blog them. They were taken on Tuesday morning, 7am, just down the road during my walk. That my friends is the moon setting and not the sun rising. The shot is taken from around the same place as last weeks photo.
The moon was amazing, it was the most beautiful thing I'd seem in ages. I got hit by a few branches cos I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking, but it was so worth it!!(Excuse me for waffling!! )

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Jan n Jer said...

I saw that moon n could not get the right settings for my camera n was so bummed! It was gorgeous...glad you got some shots of it!

Kim, USA said...

The blue hues awesome!

Kim, USA

E.Speaks said...

well, i am impressed ... i keep trying to take moon pics ... & they don't turn out. pooh for me. but a big oh yeah for you!! awesome! lovely shots. (:

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Oh, what's a poke in the eye when you can see fabulous sights like these? :)

Causeway Fence

Rose said...

I would have been shouting for joy with these shots...they are wonderful.

Roan said...

That is a beautiful moon set. It's always best to stop walking while taking pictures. I know because I actually stepped in a hole and fell on my face. Fortunately, my camera survived. ;)