Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Celebrations and Bonfires

Two weeks ago we took our favourite road trip up to the country for Frank's 50th Birthday celebrations.
The Birthday boy Frank and his gorgeous wife Raeleen
We went to one of the local pubs for lunch where most of the family gathered
The food was fabulous!!.

family around the fire

We went back to the farm where we continued celebrations,
and well into the night we had a bonfire. It was spectacular, 
your average bonfire.........nice and big!!......right???

 but got a bit creeped out by some of the thiings that came out of the fire!! 
ummm........a dragon?? ..........maybe a phoenix??

??? person.........

nope, just a fire

 Theo and Frank the next morning, feeling pretty good 

A few of my SIL's, just chillin'
As usual, we had a fabulous time up there. Thanks guys xx

Till next time
Enjoy It, Live It, Love It


Judy said...

What fun, I so enjoy bonfires with family and friends.

TexWisGirl said...

that fire man is wondeful!