Saturday, 2 March 2013

"I" Scatterdays

Well that was a bit of a challenge!!  and I am pretty pleased with my ideas!! 
This weeks scatterdays letter was I and the list, money, tools, metal and sewing room inches.
Talk about getting the brain in motion!! I'm sure you could hear the cogs grinding away while i thought about this one!!

Metal = an Iron pelican!! found him last year in a park in Thornlands, QLD when we went to stay with our niece

A Tool had me stumped till Wednesday night when I pulled this out to use it.
Tool = Ice crusher 

Money = Investments we all try to have these

Sewing room Inchies = Inch ribbon/tape

There's more Scatterdayers over at Cinzia's blog

See you next Scatterday


Vireya said...

Very nice pelican sculpture!

I thought of various ice-related tools, such as ice tongs, ice-cream scoop, ice pick; I just didn't have any of them. Never thought of ice crusher, but then I don't have one of them, either!

Joy V said...

Great choices Ramona. Love the bird, would look good in my garden!!!

jacaranda said...

I love the pelican. Great ideas and photos. Investments seem to be part of everyday language these days. Never thought of a tape measure. Took the word inchies literally.

Jenny said...

Ice crusher - that's a new one to me, certainly haven't got one of those in the cupboard. LOts of good choices, and I love the stories behind everyone's pictures,

Liz Needle said...

Your pelican is great. He would look perfect in my garden. Great set of photos.

aubirdwoman said...

great ideas and photos.

Sue said...

Love the pelican, I love iron sculptures. Wish I had more in my garden. We thought alike on the investments and tape measures.

Ozjane said...

very clever and love the sculpture

cinzia said...

I am so late checking out the I posts that it was difficult to even find your post. I am impressed and aspire to manage to post as often as you do....also love your pelican, which is one of my favourite birds

mitchez2013 said...

I have only just redound you , Ramona and have enjoyed your I's ESP the pelican and ice crusher. Your rat of the world looks beautiful.
Hope to see your SSSSSSs next scatterday.