Saturday, 27 April 2013

"L" Scatterdays

"L" is this weeks Scatterday letter, and the list is sky, purple, a city and a lap quilt.
Not too difficult, but to find the photos, now that was a bit of a challenge.

In the sky I have this photo of 'La Luna'. I think it was taken last November on our way home from Lorne.

Purple, well that was easy, Laura's bedroom is painted purple!!

Ahhh favorite city, Lugano. Situated in Southern Switzerland in Canton Tessin.
I was there in 1984!!

Lap quilt

there are more Scatterdayers over at Cinzia's blog

See you next Scatterday


Vireya said...

Beautiful moon picture, and that is one very purple room. Lugano looks fantastic!

Jenny said...

Great choices - Lugano looks like a wonderful place to visit. Don't know if I could live with that purple room, but is obviously a hit with your daughter. And a pretty little lap quilt too.

Anonymous said...


aubirdwoman said...

find and linking the catergories is a tad difficult. Love the purple wall and the quilt is gorgeous. Oh and I loved Switzerland too. but it was 1995 when I was there.

jacaranda said...

Switzerland, loved it also. That moon photo is stunning. Enjoyed your L's Ramona.

mitchez2013 said...

Great to see you back and your Ls. I love Lugarno, too! Your photo captures it all. La Luna at Lorne is superb.

Ozjane said...

Love that lap quilt. why did I not think of that!