Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Travelling....part 1

Where do I begin??? Oh the excitement, the fun, the places I went..........and I only did 3 weeks!!!
I returned home last week from my first overseas trip in 25 years (the hard part was leaving hubby at home, next time we'll do it together)!! But I still had the most amazing time, met the most wonderful people and saw spectacular things.
Sunset, up in the sky style
We left on the 2nd May and arrived in Pittsburgh the same day :-) International date line is good for something!! We had ourselves a good nights sleep and picked up our car the next morning for my first drive in the USA ( I volunteered to be driver). Now that was a very interesting experience, driving on the other side of the road, in the OTHER seat!!! But I got the hang of it after a few days. The first stop was in Lockport,

not far from Niagara Falls, where we met a new friend Lynn, Gail met on Lynn on facebook (the patchwork and quilling world is wonderful for things like that) we got to know Lynn a little via Facebook  before we actually met face to face!! What a wonderful lady, it was a real pleasure to have spent time with her :-)
Lynn took us to Niagara Falls, both sides, I had a day free of driving, but I learnt new (to me) road rules.
Niagara Falls, what can I say, it's...........breath taking, beautiful, huge, amazing, spectacular etc etc.

Found this gorgeous little sculpture while out on a morning walk in Lockport

Next stop was Lancaster County, photos on that next week.

Till next time
Love Lifes Little Things


Bill Locke Designs said...

Hi Ramona, so happy that our paths crossed during your trip....had a fabulous time at Market with all of you.....
Hugs from your friend across the pond :-)

TexWisGirl said...

3 weeks of 'wrong' driving. :)

Unknown said...

Welcome home. I am so thrilled you had a fantastic time. Kindest regards Christine (qld)

Ozjane said...

wow what a lovely trip to have, oh how I wish I could afford business class! LOL

bombom said...

Absolutely magnificent pics of Niagra falls Ramona. Your trip looks fabulous, you will surely have memories to keep you going for some time :)