Thursday, 28 April 2016

Good Fences #72

I'm back!! :-), I haven't been anywhere, just here, lurking the last few weeks after a huge month in March. Below are a few pics of the March happenings, but first my fence.

This creative piece is fence made from a pallette,..... that has been transformed into an edible garden fence. Although its autumn, and not much is growing , apart from a few herbs, you can get the jist of how it works. In the summer they had strawberries growing amongst the herbs as well. Castors let them move it around to get the best of the sun or shade.

March saw me celebrating an "0" birthday. It was lots of fun, with a few small gatherings of family and friends over the week

Of course it's not just my birthday, it is ALWAYS shared with my beautiful twin sister Rose :-)

Then a week later, after months of preparation, my daughter was married at her grandparents farm, something she had dreamt of since she was a little girl. It was a beautiful day. 

This pic made it into the Weekly Times Newspaper
The newly weds, Laura and Jarrod, making a stylish entrance, proudly chauffeur driven by my brother

And no bride should ever be without her "Cinderella" shoes 

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Hope life has been kind to you all, my blogging Friends. 


TexWisGirl said...

first, love the pallet garden fence! secondly, a very happy 50th to you and your sis! third, congrats on a new addition to the family! the tractor arrival is precious!!

Aritha said...

I love your photo of the special garden fence. And also the other photos are so nice! Happy 50e to you. Best Wishes!

carol l mckenna said...

Neat fence creation and happy 'life' photos ~ Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

Unknown said...

Love the palette fence. What a unique way to present the bride. I love it. Congrats to the new couple.

LV said...

A lovely wedding carried out in their own special way. I love it when they do something different. The tractor ride takes the prize.

Pauline said...

There sure has been a lot of happy happenings in your life. Happy birthday to you and your sister, congratulation on the marriage of your daughter, so stylish on the tractor tray. I love the pallet garden. What a great idea!

Ida said...

Very creative usage of the pallettes to create a growing fence like that. Lots of fun to see your daughter's wedding shots. I also celebrated a (0) birthday in March - 10 years more than yours. Happy belated wishes.