Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year's Resolution.....

Well, 5 days into 2009 and there's not a lot happning. No sewing, yet! Though I have been productive in other areas, namely, CULLING!! I started in the linen cupboard,.........why do we keep "stuff" that is only fit to dust, clean windows, do oil changes with etc. I ask you.... how many "RAGS" does one need. Then I moved into my wardrobe, and again, WHY?? do we keep it all???
Today I have moved into the study, which now also houses some of my craft stuff. It's not a big room about 2m x 5m, how much stuff can one person have?? Where does it all come from??? Did I mention that I also have a craft room outside that we really only use for storing odds and ends not to mention more of my stuff. I am totally fed up with all this mess so I am getting ruthless here and CULLING. BTW, did I mention that this morning I had to do bit of mending. Yes it had to be done.

Till next time


Anonymous said...

Good on you!!!! glad you took the plunge into blog land another to add to my growing list of blogs i read every day this is no longer a quick thing to do. Hope your clear out is going well, maybe Leanne can come in and do you a studio makeover LOL!!! Hope you had a good Christmas with your family, hope to see you soon, is our beach day on this year? take care. Bev oxoxo

Ozjane said...

See we need pictures to comprehend the worth of the work you have done. How can we believe you without pictures......vbg.
It is really good for the soul to show a post of a study/sewing room before you tidy and then afterwards. It is an amazing motivator.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ramona, Well done! Don't you feel good? I got stuck into the kitchen cupboards and drawers, I'm embarassed to say I got 4 boxes of STUFF for the op shop. Graham got on the bandwagon yesterday and cleared out the attic. Some interesting finds up there Amelia was very intrigued to see the 51/4" floppy discs we used with our computers. Well it's back to work for me now cya Sandra