Sunday, 11 January 2009

Mission 1............ Complete

I feel like I have really achieved something here. It great when the mess is tidy. The secret will be, that when I get 'creative' I must create AND be tidy!! A real challenge for me!!

That's Mission 1, you haven't seen the rest of my mission. I have an entire room outside, and that's going, so to speak. That will be another blog entry later in time.

Today, is finish packing and run away for a couple of weeks. Yep, we're off to the beach for a bit of a break. I'm going to finish tracing some stitchery to take, alter a dress for DD, finish packing the car, not to mention whatever else comes up in-between, and when DH gets home from work.

put the bikes on the back, we're off. Thank goodness its only an hour and a half away, we'll get set up, but then we'll come back tomorrow night for Dad's 70th, some things a just too important to miss, and either head back after the party or go first thing Tuesday.

MrPCP is going to mum & dad's for his annual holiday too, he's been doing that for the 6 years.
He has his own domain there, aka the garage, that houses an old lounge chair just for him. He has some friends there too, Mooki and Tom the 2 cats, Oski the Kelpie x, Crackers the Cocky and their new addition to the family Jack, the foxy x Jack Russel.

Here's Oski & Jack

Oski is 13 and Jack is 10 weeks

Enjoy whatever you do



Lynda said...

I found you!!! Yippee! You have sure made a lot of progress!! Keep it up!

Sarah W said...

Welcome to blogging. And I found you too! Like the tidy craft room.

aubirdwoman said...

welcome to blogging Ramona.... but beware its addictive. I just have to show your sewing room to The Scot. He believes no one can have a room like mine.

Nicky said...

Its looking good! I admire how ruthless you have been- hope it feels like a nice place to spend time in now!
Nicky xo