Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Ok, I'm back, ................and back to reality. School is back, I'm back to work, the running around has started. Why is it that when you arrive home you slip straight back into life? Why can't we get up in the morning and sit an the crosswords till 10.30am over a couple of cups of coffee, sit and read all day if we want to, or sew or chat?? Why is being at home such a routine thing??

This year is also a big year here with DD is doing year 12 - final year before university, so stay tuned as the stress levels rise, hopefully not too high.

Our two weeks at the beach were just gorgeous, except for one day when it was really hot and really windy, generally a yuk sort of a day. I've popped up a photo of our campsite, its really basic, but I love it, and a few photos of the what we have to endure on an evening walk!!
We meet up with friends and we have a great time together, no TV either, just lots of talking and relaxing stuff.

I have a few UFO's to finish, and at the moment i have no plans to start anything new.............there is something, but I have to keep it under my hat for now. I also have a project that I need to make as I'm teaching it later next month at Foothills Fabrics and Threads, my local favorite fabric hangout. Photos when its done, hopefully over the weekend, as its going to be hot, another scorcher coming up on Saturday 43 degrees.

Enjoy whatever you are doing


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