Saturday, 21 August 2010

Let's Continue......

It's been a few weeks since a progress report, but, things are again happening.
We had a couple of weeks there where things had slowed a little, GtB(Graham the Builder) had other jobs to go to and DH had to go back to work for a couple of weeks.
Now that the extension part of the project is finished-ish, just a few trimmings to be done, we've ventured into the old part of the house, so that means renovations. Mainly the dining room, the floors were...........ugh.......beyond description.
In a nutshell, what we thought were beautiful baltic pine floors, were in fact, all bogged up baltic pine floors. Not to mention the wavy factor!!

Over the years the bog has been vacuumed, swept, mopped out, to leave a floor which is quite thin and rotten, not to mention ugly. Laura and I have even managed to put our heels through the floor!!! So DH pulled it all up. GtB confirmed our suspicions that the stumps were totally..... blaah, my good dinner set and crystal that were in the dresser used to clink every time someone walked through the room. I had to put cardboard between all the plates to stop them clinking. So he and DH replaced all the stumps. 40 of them, that took the best part of a week, geez, I'll tell you what its a 'blaah' of a job!!! Anyone who does that for a living, YOU deserve a medal!!

So, with the particle board down

 it was time to put the new floor on top........Tassie Oak and they look just gorgeous! Can't wait till they get polished, but that's still a few weeks down the track .

Looking good
 When I was looking for something a few weeks back I found this.......

Bring back memories?? Well, I decided to plug it in, and it still works, and I can hear it ring over the noise of all the banging etc. The kids think it's hilarious!!! putting your finger in the holes to dial!! And the fact that it actually works.

Till next time Enjoy it, Live it, Love it!


ozjane said...

Looking good girl...
That phone has to be a centerpiece somewhere...they say you need one that is not electric for when the power goes I have an old optus one plugged in.
I got so sick of struggling out of chairs to run for phones I now have 5....LOL

Helen Yann said...

Looking good Ramona. Love the red phone.