Monday, 30 August 2010

This is sooooo cool!!!

I am soooo impressed with my niece Jenny and her SIL Madonna.

But hang on a tick, I have to fill you in first.
Remember last year I made a Mrs Perkins (see my post from December 2009 'I've been Busy')aka Mrs Jenkins for my new great niece Paige,
Well she recently turned 1 and had her Christening at the same time,
so her mummy, Jenny and her Aunty Madonna made her a cake!!!!

Let me just tell you Jenny is VERY gifted in a lot of areas, not necessarily in the crafty department ;-D

So what do you think????

I just love it!!!

It's Brilliant!!

Who would have thought to make a cake out out of a softie!! Definitely way out of my league, I don't do cakes very well. Actually, I don't do cakes at all, I do 'food' but not cakes.

What ever you are doing today, Enjoy.


ozjane said...

Looks fabulous. Mum was a great cake decorator........I used to be able to get something looking presentable....LOL.

Anonymous said...

Way too cute!!!! I love it. Do you think I could put it on my blog??? I want the world to see it!!!
Rosalie xx

Foothills Fabric & Threads said...

Hi Ramona, that cake is so cool! mmmm makes me want to make another Mrs Perkins (aka Mrs Jenkins). Perhaps I should make one for my great niece Isla in Alice Springs vbg. Ciao Sandra

Judy said...

What do I think? I think it's awesome!! They did an excellent job.