Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Another one comes and goes

 How fast does the year go!! Rose and I have just had another one of those.... yes, a birthday, and though they are still quite painless, one has to wonder where the years go. I can at least vouch for the last 12 months,
I have an entire half a house to show for it! But what of the ones before that??? Where did they go???
Well, after a little ponder I have worked out that I have spent hours cooking, cleaning, washing, going to work, making, searching, shopping, amongst other things.
I have wasted hours sitting around talking, laughing, eating, drinking, thinking, loving, watching a movie, reading a book, amongst other time wasting things. But you know, those time wasted hours are the ones that make They are the ones that I will remember when I am old and frail(if my mind decides to play along lol). They are the times that were spent with my family and my loved ones, with my friends, with acquaintances, with a good book, over a soppy movie. They are the times that when I am old and grey I will be able say, 'remember when we broke that tree and had to sticky tape it back together so we wouldn't get into trouble'. ;-D

We have phase 2 is about to happen in our 'new' home(it feels new!!), the
en suite and walk-in robe are getting done, a new window in our bedroom, a bigger pantry in the kitchen, and just generally finish of what we planned to do. So today I'll spend a bit of time in the wardrobe and then maybe have a bit of a sew (or sort) in my sewing room.

Till next time
Enjoy It, Live It, Love It

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Judy said...

Very nice post...Happy Birthday!