Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Autumn is here.

My favorite time of the year has arrived. Yes, As March arrives so does Autumn.
It can bring those perfect warm sunny days and pleasant evenings, and also cold nights. But the best part is the colours. Hopefully this year i can take some photos around the hills here and share this beautiful time of the year with you.

Life is moving along, and you know that things are speeding up when your youngest is now legally an adult!!! Yes, Justin is now 18 and he celebrated his birthday with a simple family birthday dinner, and his favorite cake - homemade  ice cream honeycomb cake!!, 


 then with a bit of style.

He escorted his friend P, they've been friends since grade 4, to her school's formal.
(Grandpah's car is always used for special things)

And have a look at this. I came home from work 2 weeks ago to find the front garden looking like this...

Beautiful!!. DH (Theo) had spent most of the day spreading out mulch
The hibiscus is looking lovely, and we were really really happy  when it started budding in January. It was one of the plants that had to get moved from around the back to make room for the extension.. It was carefully pulled out by the bobcat and transferred to the front garden. we gave it lots of TLC and hoped for the best. Best won!

Here's DH enjoying a little relax time on our new verandah. I have a project planned for the table and chairs, but that will be later.

Till next time 
Enjoy it, Live it, Love it 

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Judy said...

I can't wait to see our garden again. Right now it's buried under a bit of snow. I'm glad your beautiful hibiscus survived the move. Happy 18th Birthday to your handsome son!