Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's finished........

......well nearly finished, but it's together. My Butterfly Garden quilt is put together and I just love it. 
I now have to get it basted and then it will be my hand quilting projsect for this winter. There's nothing like sitting under a quilt on cold night and quilting. So hopefully this year it will be completed.

Autumn is well a truly here, the old oak out the front is slowly changing,
I took this photo this morning, the top is red with some yellowing further down. we'll see how it changes over the next few weeks. There are some really spectacular colours out around the hills, I'll try and make it a point to put the camera in my bag and take some shots this Easter.

I have 5 days off over Easter, i am going to try to spend at least 2 of those organising/sorting/culling the old sewing/craft room. Also a couple of family get togethers which are always fun.
Have fun with whatever Easter things you do.

Enjoy It, Live It, Love It


Christine said...

our home and your quilts all moving along nicely, may you and yours have all the joy of Easter and also I hope the Easter Bunny finds you
love Christine

Bev said...

It looks beautiful every time I see it it makes me want to make it maybe I will buy the set from you mmmm Love it.
Bev oxoxo