Sunday, 15 May 2011

I spy......

Driving home from work last week something bright caught the corner of my my eye, but I was going a little fast to actually see what it was, and I was on the wrong side of the to road where it wasn't safe to stop. So on the way to get Justin from school a few hours later, I drove a little slower to make sure I didn't miss this thing saw earlier. I stopped where I though it I had seen it,  walked a little way down the road and there it was...........ONE lonely bright red apple, it was just beautiful. I drive this was way to and from work, take Justin to school etc, but I have never noticed an apple tree. But, there it is, One apple still hanging there.

Living in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges and there are some gorgeous places. Puffing Billy is just up the road and occasionally you get lucky when driving past.

A couple of weeks ago Laura asked me to make her a pocket for her laptop for when she needs to take it to uni. Very simple and in just a couple of hours I made her this. Nice and bright, just like her!!

This weekend I am totally on my own, Laura and Justin have gone on an adventure to Sydney, Theo has gone one a golfing weekend with one of his mates, which leaves me all alone. And thoroughly enjoying it.
Enjoy It, Live It, Love It.

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Judy said...

Did you pick the apple? :)
I love the laptop pocket, it turned out beautiful!
When I enlarged the Puffing Billy shot, it looked like someone was sitting out of the window, I have to say...yikes...he is a brave person :)