Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday already??!!

Welll!!!.......... that week just flew by.........., things get back to 'usual' and the week flies.
It's been a good week though, a few things accomplished home wise,  nothing much has happened in the sewing room, BUT stay tuned, THAT is about to change.
I think for the next post or two I'll stick with the Holiday and Fences theme, I hope I don't bore you.

Along this part of the path on the way up to the Bluff were lots of  Tea Trees.
Linking with Friday's Fences

We came across this little fellow early one morning. It's a little marsupial of some sort, quite cute.

While we were away the Flowering Gums (Eucalyptus ficifolia) were ablaze. Here's a close up of the flowers.
Apparently (according to a local lady) this tree has been vandalised so many times that it's growth was stunted, its about 3 meters tall, but the flowers are just amazing. These trees can grow up to 10meters(30feet) tall. This year they're just gorgeous.

Just a little bit of History

Playing in the sand,........the boys aren't too big to build Sand Castles.

Till next time
Enjoy It, Live It, Love It


Hermione Agee said...

Best. Sandcastle. Ever.

E.Speaks said...

oh, my ... thank you for sharing with friday fences. what a cute little creature. i would love to travel to australia one day. it looks like the hubby & i need a long vacation there. that is a beautiful tree, such great blooms. wow!! not like anything i've ever seen before. (:

Dianne said...

the sand castles are fantastic, well done!!

love the little tree

Jan n Jer said...

Great series of live in a beautiful country! Love the boys sandcastles too!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

lovely photos

Bridget Larsen said...

Love that stunted tree, might use it for some inspiration in my card making lol
Bridget #41

Carletta said...

Love the fence path! I noticed the trees leaning. I must google tea trees to find out just what they are.
The flowers are gorgeous!
Is anyone ever too old to build sand castles? :)

Roan said...

Not bored here. Love that sandcastle and those beautiful blooms. I can't wait for spring so i can take pictures of flowers again.

A Colorful World said...

Loved your wonderful fences, and also the other shots as well. What a gorgeous tree! You live in a lovely place!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Lovely photos.

Regards and best wishes