Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sewing Day

Yesterday I took a drive down to the Peninsular to spend the day with my SIL Willy and niece Bec (she has 4 littlies 7yo down to 8 months........Thanks Jarrod for doing "daddy" all by yourself for the WHOLE day) .
Willy's other daughter Mandy is expecting her first baby in the next week or two and they wanted to make her a quilt. Not being into patchwork (yet) they called on Aunty Mo's (me) help. So while cutting, pinning,

pressing and lots of chatting

we came up with this little number........

Added a couple of borders and ta daa!
we have an I Spy quilt for he baby.

While we were putting together a quilt, my BIL Alan was working on the grandies cubby house,
his head came off second best on no less than 4 separate occasions (he kept forgetting the doorway is child height!) Sorry I forgot to take a photo of the cubby, but it is really impressive.

Till next time, have a fabulous rest of the weekend
I'm off to the sewing room.........again :-D

Enjoy It, Live It, Love It

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Anonymous said...

I love it :) Thanks Aunty Mo. Cant wait to see the real thing when I get it. P.S. You can sought of see the cubby in the window past dads head :)