Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Morning

This morning was just the reason that reminds me why we live where do.
I opened the curtains to see the front garden alive with birds.
there were 6 rosellas in total, below are two babies,
a Currajong and adult rosella

And our regular guest Mr Kookaburra, this time I managed a great shot of him.

Till next time
Enjoy It, Live It, Love It.


A Colorful World said...

Beautiful birds in your garden! Particularly love that last shot of the kookaburra!

Kali said...

What a very special sight to have all those birds in your front garden. And I think Mr Kooka is gorgeous.

Rose said...

That last shot is really nice!

Judy said...

That is a gorgeous shot of the kookaburra!