Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Busy in my kitchen

Over the weekend I spent some time in my kitchen. One of my favorite veges, red capsicums were in season and in abundance at a very good price, so I decided to buy 'quite a few kilos' of them.

They get washed,

they get roasted till they char a little,

they get peeled, seeded and torn into strips,

then they get put into containers and into the freezer.

They are fantastic in sauces, dips, as a side done with a little olive oil and garlic, in salads. The whole process is a little time comsuming, but well worth it.

I'm off to get my sewing machine, as last week i had to take it to get fixed, it was sewing awful. The thread was all loose, I did everything i could think of to try to get it to sew right, but to no avail, so off to the hospital with it.

In the meantime enjoy they day

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