Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Little Show & Tell

Yet again the weeks are just racing by, I'm sick of asking where does the time go!

Work is one, but the rest???

I have very politely been 'prodded' by a dear freind about a bag I made.
Yes I made a Stable Bag while I was away for my weekend in Rawson. We had a really wondeful time, very realxing, a bit productive, made some new friends, had lots and lots of laughs.

We're already planning a project for next year!!

Here is my bag, I was really pleased with how it came out, and I've been using it heaps, its my hand bag at the moment.

And have a look at what has popped up in my garden...............

Which means that Spring is just around the corner. I can't wait, it's just beautiful around here when everything starts blooming and the trees start greening up.

I'm off to work, and whatever you are going to do today, ENJOY!

1 comment:

Ozjane said...

What a yummy bag. I like the two colors.
And we have some daffodils also.....and blossom.
Is not Spring too early?