Monday, 31 August 2009


I'm very annoyed!!!! Can you tell?? I have a frown and this is driving me insane!! WHY can't anyone leave a comment? Where did the thingy go that says 'leave a comment? No-one can answer me cos you can't leave a comment.
!!Stamping foot in frustration!!
And please accept my apologies, my blog is also boring while I'm trying to fix this.
Hope to be back on track in the next day or so.
So till then, enjoy the First day of Spring tommorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yay it works. Some people are just smart. Thanks Helen

Helen said...

Hi Ramona

I'm glad my suggestion worked. Now I can leave this comment :-) I love the wall paper on your blog page. I must learn how to 'tart' up my blog. It is very no-frills at the moment.

Lynda said...

Darren tells me he saw you at work as requested, I have updated my blog just for you!!